Every Day


  1. Lit Circle 1: As there are two people in our group, we decided that we would blog together and that we would both come up with some essential questions. In these blogs, we will refer to A as it since we have no way of knowing if it is a girl or a boy. In this first lit circle, we started talking about who is A and the obvious change in A's behavior after meeting Rhiannon. We also discussed how being taken away from a family and put into another family affected its social skills and its attachment to other people. Its way of living other people's lives changes after his day at the beach as Justin. It fell in love with Rhiannon which caused it to go against its principles. For example, when it was in Nathan's body, instead of not interfering in Nathan's life and making sure that the body has a normal and routine day, it went to a party and leaves Nathan in a car on the street just to go see Rhiannon. We also discussed how A says that it wants to be a real human, it wants to feel like a real person but can't because he has no family to go back to everyday. After that, A started not wanting to get close to anyone because he knew that it would be difficult to see that person again. It became hard for him to make friends. That proves how much he cares for Rhiannon: he is so attached to her that he will try anything to see her everyday. We talked about how A says that it likes video games. In video games you can be any character you want and any gender. You can live in any city or town. You change depending on the game or options in the game. Maybe that is why A likes them: it understands them and they make it feel normal since it also changes towns, bodies and genders everyday.

  2. Lit circle 2: Today, we had our second lit circle discussion. We discussed three main points. When A accesses memories from the bodies of the people he posses, they remember that they were being 'possessed'. If he was in a body of someone, and he did something that had nothing to do with the body he was in, the person would only remember the basic events but not the details and they would feel like it was just some normal parts of their day. We then talked about A becoming Rhiannon. When A becomes Rhiannon for a day, it's kind of like a sign from nature to stay away from her. It's trying to tell A that she is just another person just like everyone else. It's telling him that he shouldn't keep a connection with her: that he should just leave her alone because she isn't that special. The last thing we talked about was him being the devil. When he thinks that he might the devil, that he's not sure, A says that he has the potential to be the devil and could get away with any crime. Then he says that wouldn't make him different from anyone else because anyone could kill if they wanted to. Why doesn't he kill? Doesn't he want to be normal and be just like everyone else?

  3. Today, we discussed the ending of our book. I think that the ending of the book shows how much he loves Rhiannon and how far he’ll go to find out where he comes from. For Rhiannon, to make her happy, he’ll sacrifice his love for her just so that she can live a normal life without worrying about A. Also, the fact that he will go join the ‘thing’ inside Reverend Poole, who assaulted him, shows that he will do anything to find out who he is and why he isn’t normal. When he runs away, it isn’t only to get answers but to try to forget about Rhiannon. We thought the ending wasn’t satisfying: we want to know why A is like this. The author leaves mysteries unsolved.

    1. I am not sure I actually agree with you Tillman. I think the ending of the book doesn't really show how much he loves Rhiannon. I think it actually really shows how much he needs his principles to live. He wants to continue to not interfere in people's lives and he found a way to do it.