The Fault in our Stars


  1. We talked about the first five chapters of 'The Fault in our Stars'. where we answered the question "what does the title, 'the fault in our stars' have to do with the story?" Gabriel said " i think that it could mean that stares help us see our way and path" i followed by saying that the fault is the fault in Hazel's path, and she's having trouble finding her way.
    i personally(Jade) didn't understand the message of the title at first, but as i got closer in the book, i made a theory. "Our stars" are like humans and life, "the fault" is the cancer people on earth, and when you have a disease, you are a fault. Hazel acts like that and Gus tries to prove her wrong, show her she's more. we also said that that in the beginning of the book, we don't know much on Hazel, she doesn't talk about her 'story', and stays on her support group problems and the fact that she is drenched in her own self-pitty. but as we move on, we see that Hazel just wants to be a normal teen.
    'The Fault In Our Stars' ch.1-5

  2. Today we talked about the family situation of Hazel and other cancer children.
    I(Jade) think Hazel's mother is so engrossed in her daughter’s life and is throwing her own away.
    Josephine says that the mother is trying to build a life for her daughter, but does not realize that if she makes Hazel too dependent on her parents, than Hazel will be too fragile. And won't be able to have a normal life, and that's all that she wants(Hazel)

    How would you react if you were cancer kid and your mother was like that?
    Jade: if I had a mother like that, I would be thankful that my mother cares so much, but feel weak and upset my parents didn't trust me enough to go be with my friends unless they are around.

    how would you be if you were hazel's mother?
    Josephine: I wouldn’t' know how to react, it depends on the relationship with your son or daughter. I feel that I can't really plan how I would react to that kind of situation.
    Jade: I agree, you can't plan your reaction to that kind of thing, it's something you have to live through to act through. It also depends of who, and what kind of person you are. You could feel anything from, sad, and hollow, like a part of you is dieing with your daughter because you two are so attached. Or you could feel angry, stressed and upset. Let's just hope you don't have to live through it.
    Philippine: I would be surprised but let her feel independent, and let her try to live on her own. But I would also be there when she needs me.

    why does Hazel think so much of Peter Van Houten, if they never meet and he only wrote one book?
    Philippine: because she has been closed out from life for three years and has kind of forgotten how to have friends and what a friend is, so when she read the book and got so attached to it, and related so much to it, she thought Van Houten and her had grown a bond.
    Jade: I think that Hazel has so much respect for Peter Van Houten because even if he didn't have cancer, the girl in the story with cancer showed how it felt very clearly. Peter showed that he understood how it was like, and he put such dark and deep messages in his story to show how the girl in the story felt.

  3. After finishing the book, we talked about the weaknesses and strengths. Why is this book so popular, why is it so intriguing and how is 'THE FAULT IN OUR STARS' different from other cancer and sickness books(ex: 100 paper cranes)

    Philippine: the book was ok, I didn't love it, or connect with the characters. I guess that is was expecting something more 'extraordinary' but nothing out-there really happen. It was a good book, I think it was more of a love story then anything, but I was thinking it would be more of a cancer story, and how hazel would surpass it.

    Josephine: it was good, but you know what will happen, the things that happen are more predictable then expected. I'm a little disappointed at the end. At the beginning people told me that I would love the book, and that is was very good, that arose my hopes. But as I went on, i was expecting more to happen. I thought the book was predictable and nothing out of the ordinary happened. This fact disappointed me.

    Jade: the book was ok, there was a lot of crud and mature behavior, and humor. I feel this book was full of satire in a sense as well. Because Hazel seemed to talk about her life in an odd sense:
    Mom: “Television is a passivity.”
    Me: “Ugh, Mom, please,”
    Mom: “Hazel, you're a teenager. You're not a little kid anymore. You need to make friends, get out of the house, and live your life.”
    Me: If you want to be a teenager, don't send me to Support Group. Buy me a fake ID so I can go to clubs, drink vodka and take pot.”
    Mom: you don't take pot, for starters.”
    Me: See, that's the kind of thing I'd know if you got me a fake ID.”
    Mom: “You're going to Support Group.”
    I personally thought that the book could have been better, especially with the message in the title. “THE FAULT IN OUR STARS”, with that title I would have thought that something more 'extraordinary would happen

    Why is the book so famous?
    Philippine: I think the book I good because it's a love story which attract the young teen female audience, and it's also unique in the sense that it's a love story with real life problems. The cancer.and the title is goo for the book and pulls you in. people dieing is sad but interesting and you want to know how.

    Josephine: I think the public liked the book because is was a sensitive subject, and that sense the book is pretty new, people were very curious about this book. There are a lot of books about love stories, so why is this one different? I think they like this book because of the situation the characters are in.

    Jade: I think that people liked the book because it was an eye into the life of cancer patiences. And also showed that not everyone has a happy ending in story books, things happen. And if you get cancer, you have to deal with the fact that the doctor won't be able to do anything to help. Death is inevitable. We all die and when that time comes, not even the best doctors in the world can help you. The fact that Hazel and Gus try so hard is a sign of strength. I think this is one of the many messages that touch readers and why it is so famous.