Lord of the Flies


  1. This is what Jeremy, Liam, Kassim, Lyly, and Léo talked about. It was based off of chapters 1-6. We talked about many subjects from survival to communication between the clan. Jeremy led the discussion because he is ahead so he is able to ask questions that are key to the story. LyLy, provided quotes for us to think about and Kassim was a big part in having word definitions. Léo took notes as well as LyLy.

    Here is one of our discussions:

    Q: Do you think they get rescued by the end?

    Lyly: They will get rescued by a ship that saw the fire from afar.

    Q: What will happen between Ralph and Jack will fight?

    Lyly: Jack and Ralph will get into some sort of disagreement that will turn physical. It will result in Piggy getting hurt.

    Kassim: Jack should not be the leader of the leaders because at the beginning he failed to get the pig.

    Lyly: Quote

    Léo: The fighters dont like that Piggy is telling them what to do when he cant because of his physical limitations so they get defensive and think less and act more violence.

    LyLy: quote about piggy and how the boys don’t like him.

    LyLy: Why does everyone hate piggy?


    Well Piggy is different from them, he

    Jeremy: He is smarter, but less physically able.

  2. Maxime and I (Sidhanth) discussed about the beginning of the book, the significance of somethings we found,how relationships between people and hatred might tear them apart and some figurative language that intrigued us. We both noticed how the conch is something that is very precious to the kids, and is a way of contacting others from a far, and one of the kids most prized possessions. We noticed some tension at the beginning of the book between Jack and Ralph about who both want to be leaders, and wondered if it would impact of how the kids felt about them and how would they run the group. Also Jack doesn't seem to like Piggy for the fact that he keeps suggesting ideas that contradict his and telling them how to organize everything even though he's not physically able to help the group in any other way. And maybe Jack is jealous that he might make a better leader than him so he wants to find ways to insult him and make him feel bad. One thing that intrigued us at the beginning is that we are wondering what creepers are, and if they have a big role in the story.

  3. I find your question about creepers interesting. There are multiple concrete images in the novel that gain in significance and even take on symbolic qualities. The creepers are what they are afraid of-- all except Simon-- and do become a kind of image of fear for them. Why is Simon not afraid of the same things the others are afraid of? Also how can we stitch together minimal back stories for each of the main characters that help us understand why they react the way they do?

  4. Today Sidhanth and I (Maxime) discussed about how the kids are splitting up because of Jack's ego. We thought about how since he had power as the leader of the choir before the crash, he was mad that he lost his power to Ralph. We also talked about how the kids don't talk about the war going on around them or their past lives. We thought it was weird that the old kids didn't know the little ones' names.

  5. The discussion we had one Monday started out witch a question from the leader. Jeremy asked what we think about Simon. Many people did not have much to say until Jeremy gave us a few hints. He reminded us of Simon’s conversation with the Pigs head or The Lord of the Flies. The pig says I am in all of you and you can not get rid of me. So Léo thought that the pig was maybe a representation of the Devil or the Evil that we all have some of inside us.
    Then Liam said his literary gem. It talked about the pilot flying down onto the island and freaking out the boys. What he took from that was that war affects everybody no mater how close or how far you. LyLy reminded us about the poems that we had read earlier that year about war and how there might be a connection.
    Kassim brought a good word to the table. Cynicism, which means an inclination to believe that people are motivated purely by self-interest; skepticism. Léo thought that that was a good word because the is the difference between how Jack and the group and how Ralph does. Jack uses his underlings almost as servants where as Ralph is looking out for the best for the group.
    Next LyLy presented one of her quotes. “He sunned himself in their new respect and felt that hunting was good after all.” Ralph, p. Léo believed that hunting had been the difference between the two groups yet now Ralph understands why they like it, it summons the primal instincts with in all of us.
    I hope you found this helpful.

  6. Today Maxime and I (Sidhanth) talked about how Simon is the strange in one the book and how messed up it was how when they boys went savage and killed him very violently. We feel like Ralph and Simon had a special relationship because we was the only who listened to him and respected him as a person. We feel that Ralph
    was a better leader because he would listen to everyone and gave everyone respect even the littluns, and thought about how the rescue is the most important thing to focus on. By contrast Jack only thought about hunting and cared, listened, and respected his choir.