Friday, November 30, 2012

Anglo Saxon World Wordle as historical background for Beowulf: A New Telling

We are reading Robert Nye's Beowulf A New Telling in seventh grade. It's based on the Old English epic poem Beowulf. For historical background, students competed in a scavenger hunt through The Anglo Saxon Collection on the British Museum website. Students then each submitted five words on a google form that describe the Anglo Saxon world. From the Google form I copied and pasted the text into Wordle to summarize the students' conclusions. Note: in this Anglo Saxon World Wordle there is one over-emphasized word. Can you find it?


  1. Our class did this too but it kinda different. We learned word and write a story about it.

  2. Beowulf Character Chart: The names are difficult to tell apart throughout the story, ... ideas concerning oral tradition, Anglo-Saxon Literature, and the epic poem. how to read faster